DTS and Smelly Urine_Can It Solve the Problem?

DTS and Smelly Urine_Can It Solve the Problem?

Fresh urine usually does not have a strong odor. But if there is a foul smell, should that be worrying?


Our kidneys make urine to eliminate waste from the blood. Urine mainly consists of water and other waste products such as salt, urea, and uric acid. Since urine is primarily made of water, there should only be a weak smell. However, when ammonia-smelling urine is caught, something may happen with a person’s diet or health state.


Dehydration, certain foods (such as coffee and asparagus), Vitamin B6 supplements, and certain medications are some common causes that will lead to smelly urine. Usually, smelly urine will disappear when a person drinks enough water or eliminates the food triggers.


Sometimes, this ammonia-smelling urine can be an indication of health problems. For example, it can be caused by kidney stones, bacteria entering the urinary tract, and causing an unpleasant urine smell. Also, kidney problems lead to the concentration of certain substances in urine, resulting in an ammonia-like odor. Additionally, impaired kidney function can elevate levels of bacteria and protein in the urine, further contributing to the unpleasant smell resembling ammonia. Other health conditions can also lead to ammonia-smelling urine.


If this foul odor only happens occasionally, it is rarely a big concern. However, it is wise to consult a doctor if other signs, such as frequent or painful urination or blood in the urine accompany it.


Here comes an important question: Does DTS help resolve smelling urine? Partially. It depends on the main cause of smelly urine. If it is caused by impaired kidney function, taking DTS should support the eGFR level and improve urine quality. With better urine quality, it is possible to reduce urine odor. The formula of DTS is scientifically proven to benefit kidney function, hence a great choice for kidney support. While DTS benefits kidney health, it is also essential to address the leading cause of smelly urine at the same time.

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