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Japan Kampo Ingredients

Natural & Proven •
Best for your body

With over 500 years of history, Japanese Kampo is widely use for health maintenance in the Eastern culture. Often used for health protection and chronic health issues, these natural ingredients produce less side effects while providing essential health benefits.

The ingredients use in DTS are: Panax Pseudo Ginseng and Eucommia (wood, berries, Leafs), these are some of the most precious herbs within Kampo and are often highly regarded as the most beneficial herbs available.

Scientific Based Support

Use of Nature • Trust in Science

With many years of history and used by millions of people around the world, we know that Japanese Kampo has huge health benefits. With the use of scientific research, it enable us to understand this unique formula further and to further enhance its positive benefits.

Research data shows that DTS can offer beneficial support to the liver (ALT & AST level) and Kidneys (eGFR level). It also helps the body to improve detoxification, blood quality level as well as overall wellness.


Ideal Support for

Kidney Health

Liver Health

Overall Health Level


Energy Level

Preventive & Health Maintenance

The Essences of Panax Pseudo Ginseng and Eucommia

DTS is the short form of Denshichi Tochi Sei; the pronunciation of it’s Japanese name: でんしち とちゅうせい, which translates as: The essences of Panax Pseudo Ginseng and Eucommia.

Unique Extraction Method


Patented Formula •
Maximum Results

DTS is made by a unique extraction method, this allow us to capture the essences of these natural ingredients, maximising their unique properties and at the same time eliminates unwanted and toxics substances that sometime comes in natural ingredients, making our final produce extra clean and safe!

U.S. Patent No. 6280776

Japan Patent No. 4588132


Holistic Wellness


Small Changes • Big Results

DTS is designed to support kidney and liver health, because these two organs are the main detoxification system for our body and are responsible for filtering our blood, having good function means that it benefits our blood quality as well as overall wellness, holistically supporting better health.

Improve detoxification and overall wellness can be reflected by:


Energy Level


Blood test results
(Kidney and liver function)




Urine frequency and quality


Sleep quality




Skin glow


Hair and nails


Take twice per day, 4-6 tablets each time, take with warm water. This product can be taken before or after meal.


Tablets /Day

We recommend this dosage for users who have normal kidney and liver functions to use as health maintenance and protection.


Tablets /Day

Take 12 tablets per day to enhance kidney function. tdis dosage is recommended for people who have chronic kidney concerns.

- Users can adjust dosage according to their health level. Such as eGFR level for kidney function.
- People with low kidney function are recommended to take DTS for at least 6 months.



Panax Pseudo Ginseng, Eucommia (Leaf, wood, berry)


0.25g/ tablets


240 tablets/ pack


Made in Japan


Store in a dry, cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)

  • Energy - kcal394 kcal
  • Protein1.1g
  • Total Fat6.6g
  • Carbohydrates96.3g
  • Saturated Fat6.6g
  • Sugar43.4g
  • Trans Fat0g
  • Sodium114mg
  • Note: According the relevant health & safety laws, the Nutrition Facts content is per 100g.

    Daily dosage of DTS is recommended at 2-3g (0.25g / tablet, 8-12 tablets per day), the actual sugar intake would be around 0.87g-1.3g of sugar.

    For reference: an apple would average contain around 20g of sugar.