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Rosnani Arshad


Kidney Support

I was informed that my kidney level drop 50%. If no improvement Dr wants me to go for dialysis. I took DTS for 2 mth. 12 tables everyday. Last mth after my blood test Dr was surprised that the kidney improve and back to normal. I am now taking it daily at 8 tablets everyday.

David Aw


Good Health

It help to maintain good health of kidney & liver. I have used it as my daily health supplement.

Patrick M Hill


Nephrologist is impressed

My GFR had dropped to average near 40 until I started taking D.T.S. seven months ago. Today my test results showed a GFR of 64. Even my Nephrologist is impressed.

RL Whalin


Kidney Support

I have been using Kyotsuigyo DTS now for 6 months or so and I have arrested the decline in my kidney function and now it is on the rise. It is easy to use and it WORKS!

Saso Jankulovski


Very good natrual product

Very good natural product for the kidney (-) DTS tablets. My father using DTS for one year and Creatinines from 2.1 went down at 1.6 and staying stable on that level and not increasing, very satisfied and recommended to anyone who need kidney support on natural ingredients. Thank you KYOTSUJIGYO.

Liza Gedalanga


Great Results

I started taking DTS Therapy, since Nov. 3, 2022 after 1 month of taking it, I undergo laboratory tests, and the results is amazing, my eGFR rise from 29 to 35. I definitely recommend DTS Therapy for people with kidney problems and definitely continue to take it. Thank you DTS for great results.

Lim Lamhong


GFR 76 to 87

I have been taking 8 tablets a day for the past 6 months and my GFR went from 76 to 87 during the recent test. Thanks you DTS

Akcent AJ


Strongly recommend

Have been using this product for 8 months and the result is amazing. strongly recommend to consumer looking for similar health product!

Angie Ng


A trusty product

I have been on DTS kidney supplement for a while and agreed that it is abit high in price but honestly i think health is more important as you age so i would still buy and eat to maintain my body to good health. Try it yourself to believe it and of course better result come with healthy diet and exercise. DTS is made in Japan hence from my perspective is a trusty medicine. DTS will have few discount promotion yearly, if you would like to get good purchase deal.

Dominic Loh


Improve Overall Health

I started taking DTS 5 months ago, 6 tablets in the morning, 6 evening. My Creatinine/eGFR levels then were 97/74 and liver profile ALT/AST were 33/29. Latest blood test results today show my Creatinine/eGFR to be 87/84 and liver profile ALT/AST - 17/21. Hope that my eGFR can improve further.

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