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Improve Overall Health
I usually buy DTS and taking DTS and YHK regularly. It help me to improve my healthy a lot.
Improve Kidney Function
My husband has been using your product for Kidney Disease now for several months. It works! He was close to being put on dialysis..........this product has brought his kidney functions up to 40%. He will not use anything else. Will hopefully be able to post again at next blood test results.!
Nephrotic Syndrome User
I was diagnosed with myeloma cancer in April this year, cured it in June and have been taking DTS since July for Nephrotic Syndrome. I can feel a difference so far and will continue to take it. Thank you for a wonderful herbal tablet!
Support Kidney Function
My husband found Kyotsujigyo company last year for their YHK liver support, but has also had kidney problems for years due to his compromised liver. DTS has done wonders for helping his kidneys to function properly and not get kidney stones as he was previously!
CKD User
This DTS therapy works on my CKD. It really helps a lot and still taking it for the third month. I could feel improvements in me.
Supporting Kidney and Overall Health
I have been on the DTS product for approximately two months.  I had originally started taking it after I researched the Internet seeking for a dietary supplement for a kidney condition that I was told from my Physician.
After coming across your product, I subscribed to it.  I take 5 tablets a day.  Since I started taking the supplement for my kidney condition, I started feeling an overall wellness to myself.
Recently, I had an appointment with my Primary Care Physician after obtaining a series of tests at the Laboratory.  During my appointment, my Doctor clearly indicated to me that the markers for my kidney condition had improved to a state of normality.  Additionally, my slight pre-diabetic conditions were returned to normality.
My Doctor is a conventional medical doctor with an appreciation for alternative means.  I had originally started taking prescriptive drugs and immediately suffered from all of the side effects.  I actually suffered more from the side effects than the original symptoms of my condition. I had ongoing dizziness, acute fatigue, blurry vision and an overall malaise.  This is the first experience I have had from my first experience with prescriptive drugs.
I immediately researched for a dietary supplement and came across the DTS.  During my appointment with my Doctor, he shook my hands on two occasions for having restored my normal conditions from my kidney condition.  He was truly amazed with my recovery and told me to continue the regimen.  I thanked him for his openness to alternative therapies. His response was very simple.  “If something works, and it is proven from a formal lab testing that it is working, and the fact that you are not experiencing ANY side effect, then as a Physician I must accept that.” These were very profound words to me from a conventional Western Doctor.  I appreciate him so much.
I truly  believe that 100% of my recovery and an overall feeling of true wellness is a result of the DTS. I hope that others experience the same experiences as I have.  Kyotsujigyo-san, thank you for your “humanity-meant” product.
Improve GFR level
I went from GFR 70 to gfr 105 in 7 weeks. Worked great.
Supporting Kidney Health
After having taken DTS for several months my blood labs show my potassium and phosphorus levels are more under control.
Improve Energy Level
Great product! Makes me feel more energetic!
Improve GFR level
After 4 months of use, my kidney function went from a Gfr of 47 to 58. my dosage was 12 tabs per day
Improve GFR level
I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney diseased. My egfr fell to fourteen and I was scheduled to have a procedure to get me ready for dialysis. I started taking DTS and my egfr went up to eighteen. My doctor decided to postpone the procedure. I will continue taking DTS.
Improve GFR from 20%-30%
I've been taking DTS for 10 months my GFR went from 20% to 30% and I'm sure it would be much better if I I would stay away from the foods that I am Not supposed eat but it's hard to do but it's keeping me off a dialysis.I also noticed about this product is I had really bad toenail fungus and since taking this miraculous pill it's got rid of most of it slowly but surely it's going away and I do believe it's because of the DTS pills they're saying I think you need chew up the quantity of your packages so that someone who's taking 12 a day as a month worth of pills in one package cuz they are a little pricey
Highly Recommended
Absolutely recommend DTS Therapy.
No Side Effects
DTS Therapy is a natural supplement with no side effects. On my 4th month. Will keep going.
Support Kidney Function
Have been taking DTS for several months. Have gone from being told to prepare for dialysis to continue doing what I’m doing for it has stabilized my kidney function. I’ve been stable for 9 months
Rebuilding Kidney Health
When my last chemo was done last February 2018, I searched for best kidney support when I learned that my kidney was swollen due to my surgery (total hysterectomy) and came across DTS Therapy. After six months of taking DTS (6 tablets 2x a day), my urologist said that my kidney is now healthy but I still have urethral stricture in which he put stent that will last for 1 year. I ordered another six boxes of DTS and now even my husband is taking DTS since he is diabetic and hopefully we will see the result of his next blood test soon. I highly recommend DTS Therapy to anyone with or without kidney problem.
Improve Overall Health
I've found that after having taken DTS for many months, my kidney discomfort in the mornings has disappeared completely. Combined with the YHK it's a wonderful tonic that has enhanced my liver and general well-being.
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Product Information
Product Name
Panax pseudo ginseng, Eucommia (Leaf, Wood, Berry), Plant hardened oil
240 tablets/pack (0.25g/tablet)
Patent Countries
USA, Canada, Japan
Country of Origin
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Kyotsujigyo Inc. (Japan)
Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)
Energy - kcal 394 kcal
Protein 1.1g
Total Fat 6.6g
Saturated Fat 6.6g
Trans Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 96.3g
Sugar 43.4g
Sodium 114mg
This dosage is suitable to use as a type of health support. It can help protect liver and kidney health, prevent diseases, and provide anti-ageing effects. It is also suitable for people who drink alcohol regularly to use as protection.
This dosage provides stronger protection effects. It is suitable for people with low liver and kidney function, providing protection against long-term medication side effects and illnesses.
The dosage should be adjust according to individual needs. The following dosage can be used as a reference.
Method: Take twice a day with warm water.