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Japan Kampo Health Supplement

DTS is an all-natural health supplement from Japan. Scientific based with proven beneficial properties to kidney and liver health, DTS takes a holistic approach to support kidney health, liver health and overall well-being.

Made in Japan

Patented Formula


Gluten Free

Holistic Approach to
Better Health


Focus on supporting our overall wellness, DTS takes a holistic approach to help our body to process toxic substances and improve detoxification, as a result, the body can have healthier and better quality blood for delivering nutrition and carry out any unwanted substances away from our organs, which improves overall wellness.

Research and scientific data show that DTS can offer positive benefits in supporting kidney health, liver health, and contain essential properties which can promote better health.

Key Benefits

Kidney Health

Liver Health

Holistic Approach to Overall Wellness

What does our users say?

Rosnani Arshad


Kidney Support

I was informed that my kidney level drop 50%. If no improvement Dr wants me to go for dialysis. I took DTS for 2 mth. 12 tables everyday. Last mth after my blood test Dr was surprised that the kidney improve and back to normal. I am now taking it daily at 8 tablets everyday.

David Aw


Good Health

It help to maintain good health of kidney & liver. I have used it as my daily health supplement.

Patrick M Hill


Nephrologist is impressed

My GFR had dropped to average near 40 until I started taking D.T.S. seven months ago. Today my test results showed a GFR of 64. Even my Nephrologist is impressed.

Works for Better Health

Kyotsujigyo was founded in 1991, Tokyo, Japan

DTS has been in the market for more than 30 years, and it was made available for countries outside of Japan since 2015.

The Best of Both Worlds
Natural & Science


At Kyotsujigyo, we strongly believe that the correct use of Japanese Kampo and natural ingredients can have amazing health benefits and protective effects to the human body, at the same time, we believe that scientific research and modern technology is equally essential in helping us to understand more of this nature’s gift, it allow us to produce a safer and more efficient product.

Since 1992 DTS was involve in a number of research and publications, there is 15 research in total with 8 PudMed listing research.

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