Japanese Kampo Formula

A Scientifically Proven Health Support
Research shows that DTS can effectively support kidney and liver health.

US Patented Formula
With PubMed (US National Library of Medicine) Listing Research
The unique formula of DTS can help you to improve your kidney and liver function. It is particularly effective for people with chronic kidney problems, but it is also suitable for health maintenance.
• Liver, kidneys, and blood quality are the key of healthy living.
Improve Kidney, Liver and Blood Quality
Key to Health Protection & Anti Ageing
• Liver, kidneys, and blood quality are the key of healthy living.
The blood is responsible for delivering nutrition to the body and to clear the waste. If the blood quality is poor, it can lead to accelerated organ ageing and illnesses.
The liver and the kidneys are the main organs in the body that can improve blood quality. Therefore, the liver, the kidneys and the blood are actually very closely related. The health status of these three parties often have a major impact on our physical health.
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With more than 25 years of history,
DTS had partnered with various Japanese cooperation in the past to produce health food products,
including: 7-Eleven, ITO EN- DTS Tea, Meiji - Health Drink, Mitsui Food - Curry powder.
The core of vitality
Improving overall health from the kidneys
Our kidneys are closely related to the liver and other organs in our body, and the health level of the liver and the kidneys can also directly affect our blood quality and overall health. Common problems such as protein in urine, back pain, joint pain, tiredness, etc. are all related to our kidney and liver health, and these symptoms are especially strong in patients with chronic kidneys problems.
To improve our overall health condition, protecting our kidneys and liver is key.
DTS is suitable for:
People with low kidney function
People who are looking for liver protection
Frequent drinkers
People who have edema, blood sugar or uric acid problems
People who are vulnerable to illnesses
People who wish to age heathily
People who have side effects from medications
People who have low energy level
Our users’ reviews on DTS
Improve Kidney Function
My husband has been using your product for Kidney Disease now for several months. It works! He was close to being put on dialysis..........this product has brought his kidney functions up to 40%. He will not use anything else. Will hopefully be able to post again at next blood test results.!
Improve GFR level
I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney diseased. My egfr fell to fourteen and I was scheduled to have a procedure to get me ready for dialysis. I started taking DTS and my egfr went up to eighteen. My doctor decided to postpone the procedure. I will continue taking DTS.
Quality Natural Ingredients ‧ Side Effects Free
Long History of Medical Use with Extensive Studies
The main ingredients of DTS have thousands years of history. Together with our patented extraction process, DTS can provide excellent health effects on the kidneys.
Panax Pseudoginseng
Panax pseudoginseng (also known as notoginseng) is a plant. The root is used to make medicine. As a native product to Yunnan and Guangxi provinces, it is one of the earliest and most valuable medicinal and edible Chinese herbs.
Eucommia Ulmoides
Eucommia is the bark of a species of small tree native to China. It is near threatened in the wild, but is widely cultivated in China and is highly valued in Chinese herbology. It is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Unique Patented Formula

A carefully designed extraction formula provides amazing protective effects on the kidneys. The formula does not only maximise the medicinal effects of each ingredients, but it also reduces its side effects and toxicity, making DTS effective yet safe.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Safety Standards
Quality & Safety
‧ Quality and safety testing is completed by a nationally recognised professional laboratory.
The finished preparations also passed a series of quality and safety tests to ensure absolute safety. Quality and safety tests include: heavy metal testing, residual pesticide testing, microbial testing, MTT cytotoxicity testing, and other toxicity tests.

‧ Quality and safety testing is completed by a nationally recognised professional laboratory.
International Standard Research

Over the years, Kyotsujigyo has partnered with professional institutions and researchers in Japan and around the world to research on DTS’s safety and effectiveness. Many of these data are listed on the US National Library of Medicine (PubMed.gov) and are published in different international medical journal publications.
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Product Information
Product Name
Panax pseudo ginseng, Eucommia (Leaf, Wood, Berry), Plant hardened oil
240 tablets/pack (0.25g/tablet)
Patent Countries
USA, Canada, Japan
Country of Origin
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Kyotsujigyo Inc. (Japan)
Nutrition Facts (Per 100g)
Energy - kcal 394 kcal
Protein 1.1g
Total Fat 6.6g
Saturated Fat 6.6g
Trans Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 96.3g
Sugar 43.4g
Sodium 114mg
This dosage is suitable to use as a type of health support. It can help protect liver and kidney health, prevent diseases, and provide anti-ageing effects. It is also suitable for people who drink alcohol regularly to use as protection.
This dosage provides stronger protection effects. It is suitable for people with low liver and kidney function, providing protection against long-term medication side effects and illnesses.
The dosage should be adjust according to individual needs. The following dosage can be used as a reference.
Method: Take twice a day with warm water.