4 Things You Want To Know about DTS

4 Things You Want To Know about DTS

How long does it take to see results? Should I stop taking it after a while? Are there any side effects? These are some of the most common questions we get, and let’s find out the answer together.


How long does it take to see results?

Results often vary among different users, as no two individuals have the same condition, diet, and lifestyles, which could all play parts in the effects of DTS. Kidney damage is known to be irreversible, and indeed, current medical treatment can only focus on slowing down the progression.

DTS provides an option for people with low kidney health as kidney support. Although it is not a treatment or cure, scientific data shows that DTS is beneficial in supporting kidney function. According to data from research, case studies, and user reviews, we recommend users allow at least 4-6 months to observe changes in kidney function.

We recommend users take kidney function tests before and after to compare kidney function - eGFR level. Stabilized or improved eGFR levels are good indications.


How to know DTS is improving health?

While monitoring kidney function levels is a good way to know if DTS is improving health levels, there are other signs that users can look out for. As DTS gradually regulates the body, it is possible for users to experience positive changes in areas such as urine, energy and physical strength, sleep quality, appetite, etc. These changes could often be related to liver and kidney health levels.


What is the next step?

DTS is not a one-fix solution, and short-term use of DTS is often insufficient for the improvement to be noticeable. Consistency is key to make the best out of DTS. When the kidney health level is improved, it is recommended to keep using DTS normally or on a lower dosage for maintenance. It will offer a more consistent and all-rounded protective effect compared to short-term use.


Is it safe to take DTS long-term?

DTS is made by a patented extraction method. This process is unique to DTS and ensures the effects of each ingredient are maximized while eliminating most unwanted substances and toxins within the ingredients to minimise side effects. DTS also passes a range of pharmaceutical-grade safety standards and a series of quality and safety tests.

Long-term usage should not be of concern. However, suppose users take multiple supplements and medications and feel unwell after using DTS. In that case, it is recommended to reduce DTS dosage, stop using DTS, or seek professional advice.

  • * All research and clinical data should be used as reference purposes only, results may vary.
Kidney problems are a prevalent health issue that affects millions of people worldwide. However, many individuals fail to undergo kidney problem screening, despite its significance in preventing and managing the condition.    Reasons Why People Do Not Get Screened for Kidney Problems Lack of Symptoms One of the primary reasons individuals forego kidney screening is the absence of noticeable symptoms in the early stages.
Many individuals prioritize maintaining optimal health, and taking proactive steps to support kidney function is crucial. DTS is an all-natural health supplement from Japan that takes a holistic approach to supporting kidney, liver, and overall well-being. It's the perfect solution to optimal wellness.   Key Features of DTS  This all-natural, scientifically based health supplement combines the power of Japanese
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DTS is scientifically proven to be beneficial to kidney function and has a positive effect on supporting the eGFR level. It is suitable for people to use as kidney support. Some may wonder, how about individuals without any kidney issues? Is DTS good for them too?   Absolutely yes! As “prevention is better than cure” is one of the basic modern healthcare strategies, the best time to take DTS is right before any kidney and liver problems show up. The herbal
Using creatinine as an indication of kidney function level is common, but just this number alone is not the optimal way to monitor kidney health nor to detect early kidney problems. According to professional recommendations, using an eGFR level is a more accurate indication of kidney health.   Creatinine is a by-product generated from protein metabolism. Therefore, muscle mass and diet can affect creatinine generation. For example, a muscular person or a person who cr
If the urine shows pink, red, or even brownish-red color instead of pale yellow, the first thing is to recall is the discolored urine caused by red pigments from medications or food like beetroots and red dragon fruit. If not, maybe it’s time to think about the possibility of blood present in the urine.   Blood in the urine is just a symptom, and sometimes it is not possible to see blood in the urine with naked eyes. A lab test is required to check for red blood
A study conducted in 2016 has shown that extracts from different parts of Eucommia, such as bark, stem, and seeds, contain health-promoting properties. Here are some examples:   1. Eucommia bark extract demonstrates an antihypertensive effect, confirmed by many human and animal models. 2. Under vivo and vitro studies, Eucommia has established strong antioxidant properties. 3. Eucommia leaf extract shows properties that promote the
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