Crave For Sugar: Is Sugar Substitute Good for Kidneys?

Crave For Sugar: Is Sugar Substitute Good for Kidneys?

Overconsumption of sugar can lead to various health conditions, including kidney damage. People understand how excessive sugar intake will badly influence our health but still cannot resist the pleasure brought by the sweet taste. And that’s why sugar substitutes have become a popular option for many people. There are many sugar substitutes in the market, and they all have different properties. Is it really good for the body?


Artificial Sweeteners

Saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose are some common commercially available artificial sweeteners. They have no calories, will not contribute to blood sugar spikes, and are also friendly to teeth health. Early animal studies suggested that artificial sweeteners were associated with tumor growth, but so far, there is no clear evidence to support this claim. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has established an acceptable daily intake for this kind of sugar substitute. 


Sugar Alcohol

Processed food is often sweetened with sugar alcohols. Be careful that it can cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed in large amounts. Sugar alcohol still produces calories, but the calories are generally lower than real sugar. It can also raise blood sugar levels. Therefore, before purchasing any “sugar-free” food, check the nutritional labels. If it contains sugar alcohol, the food will provide calories, which can lead to blood glucose spikes and weight gain. Common sugar alcohols include xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, etc.



Stevia is a relatively new sweetener with tiny calories, which can be considered calorie-free. It will not raise blood sugar. Some preliminary studies suggest that stevia potentially harms the body, but more studies and evidence are needed.


Some sugar substitutes contain no calories and will not affect blood sugar. They are suitable for those who need to control calories or blood sugar levels. But past studies have found that sugar substitutes may lead to overeating until people get the real sugar. With this in mind, instead of looking for the best and safest sugar substitutes, the better approach is to reduce the craving for sweetness and learn how to consume sugar in moderation. Eat whole food to let our taste buds adapt to the natural sweetness coming from food again. It can give our body less stress from overeating sugar.

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