Get A Watermelon Spritzer and Beat The Heat

Get A Watermelon Spritzer and Beat The Heat

Summer is here! Enjoying a slice of juicy and cooled watermelon to cool off in the hot weather is nice. But is it suitable for people with kidney problems?


Watermelon is good for kidney health with moderate consumption. A registered dietitian certified in kidney nutrition shared in her platform that watermelon benefits kidney health because it is a fruit. Research found that people who consume lots of fruits and vegetables tend to have better blood control, lower acid levels, and a slower progression of kidney problems. Fruits and vegetables are also packed with dietary fiber that helps regular bowel movement, which may help lower the risk of end-stage kidney problems by avoiding potassium and uremic toxins accumulation.


A cup of diced watermelon contains around 170mg of potassium, which can fit into a kidney-friendly diet for those who need to limit potassium intake. Also, watermelon doesn’t directly impact creatinine levels. Although eating plenty of watermelons will not lower creatinine, eating more kidney-friendly food like fruits and vegetables help prevent creatinine level from going up.


Try this Watermelon Spritzer this summer!


Recipe: Watermelon Spritzer (4 servings)


4 cups of watermelon (seedless, diced)

32 oz. Lime Flavoured Club Soda

1 teaspoon Almond Extract

4 packets Stevia



Divide the watermelon into 4 glasses, then mash it. Add 1 cup of club soda, ¼  teaspoon of almond extract, and 1 packet of Stevia to each glass. Stir, add ice, and all ready to serve!

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