From Japan to International: Your Health Companion for 30 Years

From Japan to International: Your Health Companion for 30 Years

Our story originated in Tokyo, Japan. In 1991, our founder established “Kyotsujigyo” and introduced “DTS” and “YHK,” health supplements focuses on kidney and liver protection, providing new options for those with poor kidney and liver health. Through our scientific research and proves of positive effects, these unique formulas successfully obtained a range of patents in Japan, U.S, Europe, Canada and more.


Many of our users have given us positive feedback on DTS and YHK, which motivates us to promote our health products and benefit more people. Between 2008 and 2009, we collaborated with renowned brands “Ito En” and “Meiji” to launch special tea drinks, integrating wellness into daily life.


Health maintenance is an important part of solid vitality and longevity. In modern society, chronic health problems caused by diet and lifestyle habits continue to arise. We believe that we should the importance of health maintenance should be promoted beyond Japan and reach the global community, offering more health product choices to people worldwide. In 2015, we established our Hong Kong branch, aimed at more international audiences outside of Japan.


We have been serving various countries and regions worldwide for 30 years, and the effectiveness of our health products has received widespread acclaim. We have also extended our product range with the launch of “Brainwell” in recent years, targets to provide cognitive health support and promotes brain wellness.

Many of our users have experienced positive improvements in their physical well-being and an enhanced quality of life. The affirmation from our customers drives us forward, and we aim to continue to safeguard people’s health by providing natural, safe and effective health products and information to all - Works for better health.

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With a strong and healthy body, we can do all the things we want and enjoy all the good things around us. We believe everyone, no matter what age, should have a high quality of life. High quality of life starts from health maintenance to keep our body in a true health state.   In the Kampo concept, "Mibyou" is similar to the modern word "Sub health." Mibyou refers to a pre-disease state, where our body's health is between health and sickness. I
Over the years, we, Kyotsujigyo, have provided natural supplements to support health for everyone worldwide. Our top-selling product is DTS for kidney and liver protection, YHK designed explicitly for liver support and Brainwell for brain health aid. While there are thousands of options available in the market, why us? Why can you put your trust in us?   The answer lies in the common features of all our products. They are all based on the Kampo concept with ingredient
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How long does it take to see results? Should I stop taking it after a while? Are there any side effects? These are some of the most common questions we get, and let’s find out the answer together.   How long does it take to see results? Results often vary among different users, as no two individuals have the same condition, diet, and lifestyles, which could all play parts in the effects of DTS. Kidney damage is known to be irreversible
DTS is scientifically proven to be beneficial to kidney function and has a positive effect on supporting the eGFR level. It is suitable for people to use as kidney support. Some may wonder, how about individuals without any kidney issues? Is DTS good for them too?   Absolutely yes! As “prevention is better than cure” is one of the basic modern healthcare strategies, the best time to take DTS is right before any kidney and liver problems show up. The herbal
Using creatinine as an indication of kidney function level is common, but just this number alone is not the optimal way to monitor kidney health nor to detect early kidney problems. According to professional recommendations, using an eGFR level is a more accurate indication of kidney health.   Creatinine is a by-product generated from protein metabolism. Therefore, muscle mass and diet can affect creatinine generation. For example, a muscular person or a person who cr
If the urine shows pink, red, or even brownish-red color instead of pale yellow, the first thing is to recall is the discolored urine caused by red pigments from medications or food like beetroots and red dragon fruit. If not, maybe it’s time to think about the possibility of blood present in the urine.   Blood in the urine is just a symptom, and sometimes it is not possible to see blood in the urine with naked eyes. A lab test is required to check for red blood
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